Massage Therapy Derby

Massage Therapy Derby

At Massage Therapy Derby we aim to relieve our clients and help them feel pain-free. My name is Ewa and I am a Manual Therapist.

Located at Vernon Gate, a few minutes away from Derby City Centre - why not see if we can solve all your aches and pains. Visit our website and book your first appointment today!

- Is your pregnancy causing you agony?
- Are you suffering from long-term neck troubles? Tierd of tense shoulders?
- A victim of day-to-day struggles due to sciatica like symptoms? 

At a lose end trying to solve any of the above problems? Look no further… Massage Therapy could be the cure for you!

Massage Therapy can increase your movement range and flexibility considerably. Your muscles can be manipulated in a way, which you never knew before, releasing pressure and allowing them to feel free and unrestricted. We can also help you improve your posture, reducing aches and helping your feel more confident and relaxed. We aim to get your body in the best condition possible by offering professional and experienced services combined comprehensive aftercare.

Massage Therapy Derby

Massage Therapy Derby
4 St Andrew's House Vernon Gate DE1 1UJ

Telephone: 01332 546886

Contact: Ewa Lewandowska

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