AES Group

Contact Information
2 Woburn House, Vernon Gate, Derby, Woburn House DE1 1UL
Phone: 01332 383521

The AES Group Ltd business philosophy is to consistently exceed customer expectations.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 registered and has achieved its eminent position due to the commitment, loyalty and determination of its staff.

AES Defence is the recognised supplier of oil sampling and analysis services to the UK land forces (since 1995) and currently supports over 1,500 British Army equipments/vehicles. We also provide this service to BAE Systems and to the Royal Army of Oman.

AES Medical has been providing high quality innovative clinical software systems and solutions to the public and private healthcare sector for over a decade. Known for its exceptional customer service and delivering value for money its systems are in use nationwide throughout the NHS.

AES Industry applies the Machine Care Plus® (MC+) Predictive Maintenance Service to industrial applications enabling our industrial partners to get maximum value out of the money they invest in maintenance. AES Industry is expanding into the renewable energy market and has a proven track record in several sectors including Public Transportation, Mining, Power Generation and Utilities.

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