1756: A prison was erected in the Nuns Green area

The prison was erected at the top of Friar Gate away from the town centre. It was described as an elegant prison and much better than its predecessor. This jail was designed to house a maximum of 29 prisoners.

A prison was erected in the Nuns Green area
Source: Derby Local Studies Library

The gaol had seven cells and had very little ventilation. The prison was designed by Mr Irons of Warwick. The building was a proportionally Palladian one, with small pavilions at the extremities of linking pieces from the main block housing the governor and chief warden. This was the main county prison and the other prison on Willow row was the borough jail that replaced the Cornmarket gaol which was situated near St Peters Street but was considered inconvenient and was pulled down not long after the Vernon Street prison was built as the Friar Gate jail was used as the borough jail. Records in 1819 had shown that the Friar Gate Prison with seven cells had housed 69 Prisoners.